The British curriculum, also known as the National Curriculum of England, has rapidly made a huge impact in the last few decades largely due to its high quality, better management of educational resources, and delivery of the best education and knowledge to the children across the globe. The massive international repute of the British curriculum has helped it spread across the world as a huge majority of the top schools elsewhere in the world are constantly embracing the system and producing quality human resources who are ready to serve any company anywhere in the world. In order to get more info, you can check out the link and do your research before enrolling your children to a school that has British curriculum in effect.


Some of the key characteristics of the British curriculum are listed below.


  1. The best feature of the British curriculum is that your children get connected to a global system and wherever they relocate for further studies, they are always at par with the students of that place. For example, if a young adult from India or Pakistan look to further study in Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom after getting their early education done through British curriculum, they would be in a great position to keep up pace with their mates in that particular country.
  2. The British curriculum is a structured curriculum which has all the basis covered when it comes to equipping them with the modern day skills and knowledge. It encourages the children to learn through well-designed activities which let them get the education in a fun-filled environment. These activities help the teachers in identifying the hidden talents in the children and expose them in a confident manner to help them showcase their skills and abilities.
  3. The British curriculum is all about building the capacity of the children and encourage them to discover the world around them besides equipping them with the global knowledge of history, science and making them accustomed to the global language of English so that they are never left behind and are always part of the global march.
  4. The British curriculum encourages students to ask questions, adopt a personal approach to solve problems, and put their creativity into action rather than just retention of the information provided in the books.

These are some of the reasons why you witness a rapid rise in British curriculum schools in Dubai as it is quickly becoming the hub of educational activities in the region.