The people living and working in the United Arab Emirates have long been trusting the international-level nurseries and preschool facilities to train their children for the coming years at the elementary level. The strategy has worked wonders for a vast majority of the parents as their kids were developed into success stories by the professional educators at these nurseries. As the competition in professional world is always on the rise, the search for the right and the best human resource is always on top of the hiring agencies. Various studies and researches have proved it time and again that proper education right from the start helps in shaping the kids in the right mold to face the challenges of future. You can find the best nursery in Ajman right here.


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons which inspire parents worldwide to send their young children to the early childhood education programs in the local nurseries.


  1. Most of the international-level nurseries follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British curriculum, which provides a detailed learning structure for your children from birth to five years of age. Their staff members are properly trained on the structure and therefore they are able to train your children in a safe and thought-provoking environment, which also appreciates kids to have a great time at the premises.
  2. Nursery is your children’s first step towards proper education in a school. It helps the kids in developing social habits and the willingness to accept more people in life other than the immediate family members.
  3. Your kids get to learn about working in a team environment and make a name for themselves in the crowd. They get the sense of competition and are taught to expand their capabilities and reach to achieve success.
  4. The nursery also helps your children to develop good habits including use of a tissue paper for wiping the nose, playing with toys in a tidy manner, washing hands before and after eating anything, and developing new friendships.
  5. The best part of the EYFS curriculum is that the system believes in educating the children in fun ways, which means that kids always have things and time to play around. This results in increased amount of confidence in them and their capacity enhances to deal in a social environment.


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